Launch Event: Innovative 3D technology at Katje’s Magic Candy Factory


“First and fastest 3D printers in the world that can print personalised gummy sweets in a matter of minutes”

The Magic Candy Factory, located in Birmingham’s Custard Factory, opened its doors on 10th September 2016. Customisation is a growing trend in confectionary and this company has topped the scales with the World’s first 3D candy printer winning awards such as “Best Confectionary Innovation 2016”. This pioneering concept has already been successfully launched in the USA, EU and Middle East over the past year.

You are able to create your own designs (3D shapes, messages, download photos or even draw your own) on an iPad. Candy lovers can then choose from 8 delicious flavours, which are made from real fruit and vegetable extracts. Then, watch as your creation is printed right in front of you in a matter of minutes. Think greeting cards, event invitations or even event place cards – the opportunities are endless!

Whilst you’re at it you can pick your own clear container and fill it with over 45 different varieties of sweets. What sets this company apart is that all products are vegan, dairy free and gluten free (including those made using the 3D printers) making it suitable for almost anyone to enjoy. This shop brings a source of entertainment to the confectionary world and is definitely a must-visit!









The Magic Candy Factory

Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA

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